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Omd! It's Alli. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[1/14/08 - 7:43 pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Get Free Condoms on Facebook

You know you want to. Sign up so I can get free condoms lol I don't need them but I think it would be funny.

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[8/7/07 - 8:30 pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Clarinet section inside jokes 2005-2007:
- It's cause she's racist.
- Poop and crap in the same sentence.
- Look at that dog's coda
- Evil santa (Kinder legende) thin, black and bald.
- :hits base drum with one finger: BOOM!
- It's the angel, he called, he left a message.
- It's a bird, it's a plane..no it's the perfect clarinet player!
- Did he say eat up your parents? I thought he said beat up..mmm mom!
- Did you read that too?
- Why don't you slap your bagel? And dye your toast?
- Crack bagel
- F# is Joanne
- SDPS: Shaken demented person syndrome.
- "You'd fit in though" - Guy from the wood shop room.
- The angel called..the message said "7 days!"
- Nick = black hole
- Cardboard 2D friends.
- You got plunged!
- Go West You!:
Featuring the magnificent seven Stephanie, The good Janelle the bad and the ugly Alli, and hang 'em high Cori.
- We're gonna get wheel chairs?
- " " " " " " musical chairs?
- Shells: *telling story about Sunday* "..and the phone rings" *phone rings*
- You were born in the band room?!
- Pale is the new Spanish
- Me encanta el gato. Yo tambien!
- Percussion section: Dave to the fifth power. Marching line: "Look it's Dave..and Dave..?!"
- Unis = some weird body part, like the left side of your kidney.
- Gus and the 2nd trumpets = new band
- Kinky gingerbread men.
- "I'm scratching the GBM" "They like it"
- "Ok Children" >=( DO IT! =)
- 1 *crosseyed* 3
- Mr. and Mrs. Windchime
- Carlos shrunk!
- "We're going to Europe next year" "That'll be a long bus ride"
- My section is a bunch of mimes *they build and take down walls*
- Clarece and Pablo mating.

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Last batch of Font quotes. [7/2/07 - 10:58 pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Since school if over, I figured I'd put the last of the Font quotes. There will be no more, unless I decide to take an AP History class senior year, but based on the difficulty, I'm still considering not taking one =p

"If I suspected Mr. Sullivan was a terrorist.."
"Cavemen had porn!"
"Hey I have a radio Hitler, let's go!"
(Speaking of Einstein) "You may have heard of him. He's a smart guy."
Kid: "Napa Valley?" Font: "Not Napa Valley! We're not going to beat the Russians with wine!"
"My aunt can hula hoop for like 3 hours. I go over there and she's like doing it while cooking like frying something in the oven"
"I don't like privacy.."
"Your mom isn't your mom, she's just some random woman. 'Hey what's up. Give me food'"
(Talking about elderly people) "They just don't die anymore!"
"Ho Chi Minh..the Ho man"
"We're white and black. We're an oreo."
"Ho Chi Minh, the Ho meister"
"It's a magic forest in Vietnam. Wow, I'm in Ho Chi Minh land."
"Have you ever jumped in liquid cement?" (He was totally serious..)
"I walk down my street and I'm like, 'Where are all the black people?' I always look for black people in Boston. When I find some I'm like 'Yay Black people!'"

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Guidance? [6/12/07 - 11:16 am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I thought guidance counselors were supposed to help you out when you had problems with your schedule, not be a total asshole about it.

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Note to self. [5/29/07 - 9:01 pm]
[ mood | excited ]

B.U. Campus Tour with Nelli:
Monday June, 18 at 3 meet at Admissions Reception Center

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